Teething Terrors

Teething… Oh, damn you teething.. It’s so sad to watch your little one go through this grueling event. Yes, it’s very cute to see their big smiles with that one tooth, up until  their 8th tooth. But, it’s not so cute when they start biting, and screaming bloody murder from all the pain! 

So parents, what do we do? Give them a teether, and orajel then BAM! It’s that easy?
No way! It isn’t that easy. Orajel and teethers were just one of the many things I’ve tried, and still, I’m searching for new things to relieve my little guy. 

Teething has  probably been the biggest bugger the past year. So, a few remedies I’ve tried are:

1) Cold/Frozen Fruits (peaches, bananas, or strawberries, sometimes cold celery sticks too!) Nothing too small or else he might choke. Or I put the cold fruits in of of these Boon Pulp Silicone Feederfor him to suck on.

2) Born Free BPA-Free Silicone Gum Brush Teether 
This product grew with him. We got this for our son when he started teething around 5 months old, it was a little too big for him at first, but as he got bigger, he still used it. This was one of his favorite things!

3) For a while, I was quite skeptical about giving my son orajel due to the fact that the active ingredient was benzocaine. I was afraid that the benzocaine will not only numb his mouth, but also affect his gag reflex, then may cause him to choke. Good thing I found the Baby Orajel Naturals Gel . It had more natural and homeopathic ingredients, such as, chamomile. The chamomile really helped soothe my son’s pain and it worked instantly! I definitely recommend this to all parents who have a teething cranky baby. I also give this to Nathan before his meals so he is less fussy and has more appetite. But, I am more in favor for Hyland’s Homeopathic Teething Tablets  because it’s all natural ingredients and it really does quickly alleviate my son’s pain.

4) When his teething gets really bad to the point that he even gets a low-grade fever, that’s when I pull out the baby tylenol. I try to only give it to him once a day if needed.


Parents, what do you do with teething terrors? What products do you use or what do you give your child? What has or has not worked for you baby?

Please leave me a comment below!! 

What else would you like for me to write about or touch base on? Please let me know!

Til Next Time,

5 thoughts on “Teething Terrors

  1. Jessie says:

    Hi Danica! Saw the comment you left on my FB page and wanted thought I'd drop in and show some love =D And yea… Teething is one of the stages I blocked from my memory each time I decided to have another kid lol. For baby #3 I went the hollistic route. Our almost 2 year old wears a Baltic amber teething necklace. I read thru hundreds of review and testimonies and did a lot of researched on them before I ordered them. People swear by them. Since my little one is naturally pretty easy going I honestly can't tell you 100% that the beads are the reason why teething the 3rd time around was uneventful… But I'm not willing to go without them.


  2. Danica R says:

    Hi Jessie! Thank you for your feedback, I will look into and research Baltic amber teething necklace. Where did you find it? I need to find other hollistic remedies for Nathaniel. He is in so much pain.


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