Tiger Stripes & Post-Partum Body

That’s right! The more you embrace it the less you’ll notice it. No matter how much cocoa butter and Bio-Oil (I swore by these!) I’ve used during and after my pregnancy, my “beauty marks” are still there. But, it does not bother me as much as it used to. Why bother and stress about something I know will come back when I decide to have more children? 
 Though stretch marks made me a little more self conscious about getting into a teeny bikini, it has still made me look at myself with pride. I am proud to have my little boy, of course! But for those, who are really bothered by your “beauty marks”, check out Bio-Oil. They’re quite expensive when you buy it at any drugstores, but if you go to Costco, they sell 2 for $19.99! If you’ll use it religiously, you’re looking to buy it about 3-4 times during your entire pregnancy.
I’m still fighting the battle to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight, and then some. I gained about 30 lbs when I was pregnant, then lost 20 after. It’s those last 10 lbs that is really kickin’ my ass! Though, I’m not going to lie, I have not been very keen on working out and hitting the gym. How do find the time?! I work 40 hours a week, when I come home, I make dinner, clean-up, feed the baby, give him a bath, play and then put him to sleep. By the time the routine is over, it’s already about 10 pm! On top of that, I still want to spend some time with my hunny. I’m one tired Mom after all of that. I am really struggling trying to get the energy to work out and find time. Can anyone offer some advice on what I can do? Or what at-home workout regimen really works??
All of my friends and family know how much I love food! But, I still try to eat as healthy as possible. Okay, maybe I’ll sneak in some M&M’s too. But, as for breakfast (which I think is the most important meal of the day!) I try to eat something very hearty. Such, as oatmeal or a breakfast sandwich on a whole wheat pita bun or bagel. Moms, what are you favorite go-to and on-the-go healthy breakfasts? 
On another note, for those moms who are in the same shoes as me. Lacking the time to work-out, don’t fret it. Our bodies are special. Only we can dictate when and how we should lose weight. I may not be at my ideal weight, but I’m still happy with who I am because I know I brought a beautiful life into this world, who needs me as a parent more than the gym needing a new member.
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