The M.O.M. Approved iPad Apps for Toddlers

It’s amazing how much technology has advanced in this age, and how helpful it has been in teaching young individuals. I can still remember when I was in elementary school nearly 20 years ago, the most fun I had with technology was my little vtech laptop that was in black and white! Now, kids these days have all sorts of gizmos, from iPads to the Nabi. 

To some it may be a little to early, to others it’s part of their lifestyle. In my family, we have introduced the iPad at an early age to our son. We started having watch stimulation videos at 6 months from Baby Einstein to Super Simple Learning videos on YouTube. Now that he’s 18 months, he enjoys a few apps that teach him songs, ABC’s, and numbers. Also, he enjoys an app that reads him some fun Disney stories! Not only has these apps been beneficial in his cognitive learning, but it has also been a help to my husband and I whenever we need to distract him a for a few minutes to cook, clean, or just relax for a little bit. 

I know that this will stir up some controversy for a few parents who do not believe in letting young children use or play with electronics. But, for those who are permit the use, check out these M.O.M. approved apps that will sure keep your little one busy while learning!
1) ABC Alphabet Phonics- Preschool Kids Game Free Lite
Though my son does not fully know his ABCs yet, I love this app because it helps children learn their alphabet by asking them to tap the letter it asks you to tap. Parents can add their own voice, and it keeps kids engaged. First, it starts with only 3 letters, and once the child keeps getting more correct answers , it challenges them a little more and the letters keep increasing. It’s fun, and free too! 

2) Fisher Price Laugh & Learn
This was the first app I downloaded for Nathaniel. He liked it because he has a matching Fisher Price Puppy doll. So he plays with both! This app is great because it teaches kids their alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors! Very colorful, and it also keeps kids on their toes because the song is fun and he loves to dance to it! This app is also FREE! 

3) Learn With Homer
This app is so much fun and amazing! I love how it teaches children of all ages how to read. It also teaches them their vowels and phonics. Kids get to learn about a few famous US presidents, holidays, rhymes, folktales, songs, poetry and so much more! The app is free and gives plenty of categories for children to learn with. However, the more advanced the learning categories are, parents have to pay additional fees. I feel that it’s worth it because it really does keep children engaged, and helps them learn!  

4) Disney Storytime
This app is free and comes with 3 stories. There are more Disney stories that are in the app but to view it, there are additional fees. I believe it is around $1.99. I like this app because it reads stories to children, and you can record your voice to read the story to your child as well! They’re short and fun stories, but long enough to keep my son interested! His favorite is the Toy Story book called “Starry Night”. 

5) The Wheels on the Bus
This app is plain fun! It has games, coloring pages, and a sing-a-long to my son’s favorite song! It is also free, but for $3.99 there are more games and activities that comes with it. For my son’s age, the sing-a-long is enough! The sing-a-long teaches hand motions that my son quickly learned. He knows up and down, “ssshh”, swish motions, and the round and round motion too! 

I hope you guys found this post useful! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me! 

Also, let me know what other topics you would like for me to cover! 

Til Next Time,

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