The M.O.M.’s Makeup Series: Foundation Routine

Sometimes the lack of sleep when having a young child really show on your face, especially mine. Dark circles under the eyes most specially! I wanted to change up my blog a little and add some beauty related posts. Even though we are mothers, it’s still important to look good to feel good about yourself. Looking good doesn’t mean completely altering your appearance, but to enhance the beauty you already have. We don’t need to do a dramatic smokey eye or wear lipstick and eyeliner all the time in order to look and feel sexy. Sometimes I feel sexiest when the complexion of my face looks “glowing” or “flawless”. Of course no single human being on this planet has a “flawless” face, but a few beauty products can sure get you close! For those mamas who want to know how to achieve a “flawless” face to look like you got your full 8-hours of sleep, then keep reading!
Steps to a “Flawless” Face:
Before adding any makeup products to your face, make sure your skin is clean and well moisturized! Use any facial toner, moisturizer, and eye cream of your choice. 
Step 1: Add primer to your face. This will help smooth out your skin, and depending on the type of primer you use it can also diminish enlarged pores and/or redness. If your skin is on thr oily side, try using a primer that will mattify your skin and concentrate the primer on your T-zone.
Step 2: You can use a foundation brush, buffing brush, a beauty blender or your fingers to add foundation to your face. I prefer to use a non-oily, silicone free, liquid foundation with either a beauty blender sponge or a buffing brush. But you may use a powder foundation as well if desired. While using a beauty blender sponge, I like bouncing the sponge against my face to give me a light coverage for the daytime. If I have a lot of discoloration or acne scars, I use a buffing brush and applying the foundation in a circular motion. Don’t forget your neck and behind your ears too!
Step 3: CONCEALER! This is soooo important to have in any mom’s makeup bag! If you are running on 3 hours of sleep this will be your best friend! I usually apply a creamy concealer using my fingers, but a small flat brush can also do the trick. It’s very important to blend the concealer into your skin and foundation to make it look natural. Failing to do so will make your face look dry and “cakey”. Look for a concealer that is in liquid form or creamy. That way, it will be easier to blend. **It’s very important to not miss this step: after applying concealer, take another clean brush and while using circular motion on your skin, blend concealer and foundation together to ensure a smooth and even skin. You do not want any visible harsh lines!
Step 4: Finish your face with a translucent powder or light compact powder. Using a translucent powder will set your concealer and foundation, and to also ensure it will last all day/night long! 
Foundation Routine

Face powder

Let me know if you’d like to see more beauty related posts and if you find this useful!
                                                                      Til Next Time,

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