Bottle Feeding Recommendations

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I wanted to quickly share the 2 top brands of baby bottles I loved for Nathan when he was an infant. For my baby shower, I was gifted about 5 different brands of baby bottles, and when it came down to efficiency, preventing colic, cleaning, and storage, I broke it down to 2 bottles that I felt worked best for Nathan and I. 

You’re probably wondering, worked best for you? Why would a baby bottle work best for you? That was because as mentioned in my older posts, I exclusively breast pumped for a whole year and it was sometimes inconvenient to pump into a Medela bottle or storage bag, then transfer it into another bottle. It was too messy, and a lot of washing and sterilizing to do. 

Therefore, I chose to use Dr. Brown and Tommee Tippee bottles for Nathan.

I chose to use Dr. Brown bottles for 2 reasons:
1) It helped prevent colic, and Nathan didn’t experience gassiness or fussiness.
2) I could directly pump into these bottles with my Medela breast pump.  That is what I LOVED most about this bottle. It was soooo convenient to directly pump into the bottle, store into the fridge, and when it was time for feeding, I used the Dr. Brown bottle warmer (click on picture to directly open link to Zulily) to quickly warm it up to the right temperature. OR I would directly pump into the bottles and feed Nathan with the fresh pumped milk right after. It was easy as that! I did not need to pump into the Medela bottles and transfer it into the Dr. Brown bottles any longer.

However, the only complaint I have with these bottles was just cleaning all the parts! There were too many attachments to this bottle, and it has too little holes so you would have to meticulously clean it for a thorough sanitation. 

Quick facts on Dr. Brown bottles:
-Polypropylene  / silicone materials
-BPA, PVC, phthalates, and lead free
-Dishwasher and steam sterilize safe

Next bottle I loved using when Nathan was a little older around 6+ months was the

What I loved most about this was the shape of the nipple. The nipple was designed to be “just like moms” and mimic the natural flex and feel of a mother’s breast. I received this during my baby shower, however, I did not start giving the bottle to Nathan until he was around 6 months old because prior to 6 months, the nipple was a little to big for his mouth. Also, at around 4-6 months Nathan was already starting to hold his own bottle, and the curve on the bottle made it easier for him to hold it up. I also loved the design of the bottle, as well as, how easy it was to clean and sterilize. There are not as many parts to Tommee Tippee bottles versus the Dr. Brown bottles. On top of that, it also was compatible with the Dr. Brown bottle warmer.

Quick facts on Tommee Tippee bottles:
-Plastic/ silicone materials
-BPA and phthalate free
-Dishwasher and steam sterilize safe

These bottles are on my favorites list, and will probably stay on my favorites list until I have another child. I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend these bottles for parents to try for their baby. 
I hope you found this post helpful and also interesting! If you’d like to see more posts like this, or if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see on this site please comment below! 
I would love to hear your input on what you think about these brands, and if you have ever used these brands before. Let me know!
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