Give yourself some "ME" time

As a new mom, what does “ME” time even mean? Once we our baby arrives, privacy is out the door! I can recall when we brought Nathaniel home from the hospital, I felt as if I was at home for months, when it only had been a week. It’s not always so easy to just get in your car and go. Not even for just an errand. Times like this could be a little stressful. When my son was a newborn, days seemed so short, and nights felt so long. Yet, they grow up so fast! 
Sometimes, us Moms, need a little break. Even if it’s just for an hour. Don’t feel guilty if you have to leave baby with grandma and grandpa for a little, or even with DADDY!. Us moms needs to be physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy too. We need all the energy we can have to keep up with our little ones, as well! 
Ideas for “ME” Time:
1) If the weather’s nice, take a picnic blanket outside, and just relax. Do some yoga, read a book or a magazine, or even pop on your headphones to listen to soothing music and take a small cat nap. 
2) Pamper yourself a little. Go get your nails done, or get a haircut. Maybe even a facial or a massage. Do something for yourself that would make you feel good. After having a baby, sometimes we still don’t feel as “hot” as we used to. So, go shopping and spoil yourself a little. After all, you did just carry another human for 9 months! 

3) Have a bubble bath! Once you have your little one, going to the bathroom is not an option whenever you feel like it. Sometimes, you have to wait until baby is fully knocked out until you can even squeeze in a 5 minute shower. Give baby to daddy for a while, and treat yourself to a nice warm and relaxing bubble bath. 

4)  Stay at home mom? No problem, once baby is taking out her mid-day nap, forget doing the laundry for a minute, and just sit down and catch up on your favorite shows or just take a nap as well!

5) I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been on my fitness since having my son. But, giving yourself an hour to work-out at home or at the gym, will definitely be a rewarding “ME” time. It’s hard to find the time, we make a lot of excuses, and we have the constant struggle between going to the gym or taking that time to catch up on sleep. I completely understand you, but if you finally decide to opt for the gym, maybe switching turns with your partner, or hiring a babysitter for an hour can be an option. 

6) Get your drink on. It’s okay to have a nice glass of red wine once in a while, and if pina coladas are your preference, go for it! I usually pair my vino with some cheese, crackers, and salami. Turn on Netflix and watch some Scandal or How I Met Your mother, and BAM! That’s the BEST “me” time, for me!

7) Go out and meet up with friends. Meet up with your friends, or siblings. Eat lunch or dinner with them, or just grab a cup of coffee or tea. Whatever it is, it’s healthy and great to catch up and kind of feel like having a “social life” again. 

8) If all of the above is not an option for some “ME” time. It’s okay, just take your time, and meditate. Breathe in and out for 10 seconds, drink plenty of fluids, and when you get a minute to just step out of the room. Go ahead and stretch, take a deep breathe, and remember, YOU are a magnificent mother, and your baby LOVES you. 

I know parenting is not easy, but it’s the most special and rewarding part of all of our lives. Lacking sleep, and still a little “hormonal” can really take a toll on our emotional and mental health. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, we have to be mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy to be able to give the best and our all for our children. Even though our children are our world, do not forget about yourself too.

Please e-mail me if there are new/other topics you would like for me to write about! I am open to all questions! 

Til Next Time,

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