The M.O.M.’s TOP Must-Haves

When I was pregnant with Nathan, one of the things I was most excited about was going to Babies-R-Us & Target to make my baby registry! I was so excited to use of of those scanners and scan everything I thought was cool or cute. I ended scanning a lot of items that we probably did not need. Luckily, our amazing family and friends gave us more important things than what was in my registry. We received plenty of diaper boxes that lasted us until Nathan was 6 months old, and we also got a lot of cash. On top of the love and support we received at our baby shower, money and diapers were the best and most valuable gifts we have ever received. We got to buy the big items like his crib, car seat, stroller, and breast pump. We also got to buy the items we weren’t gifted, such as a bottle sterilizer, high chair, a Boppy Pillow, to name a few.
Out of all the things we bought, and received there’s only a handful of items that were definitely useful and we used the most. While the others, were quickly donated or thrown out. I put together a quick list of items that I couldn’t live without, and made the first 2 years of parenthood a whole lot easier: 

I will forever thank and love this pump for helping me nurture and feed my son until his 1st birthday. Like I’ve stated in my past post, I struggled with breastfeeding and had latching problems with Nathan. I was also working full-time, so this pump was a life-saver. It was my best friend! She was with me every where I went, and I loved that it could run on AA batteries, so when I wasn’t near an outlet to plug the adaptor, I can use it pretty much anywhere. The pump was also easy to configure, and the parts (except for the tubing) were easy to clean. I will create a separate posts about this pump very soon! 
We had the Maxi-Cosi Mico carseat (which we absolutely loved), and during cold climates, the Footmuff really helped keep our boy warm. We used to just put a blanket over the carseat to cover him, but the sides of the car seat remained open, so he would still be cold. I didn’t like bundling him up with too many layers of clothing because of carseat safety issues, and whenever we took him out of the carseat he would be drenched in sweat. A lot of you parents know sweat and cold air do not mix well with children. The Footmuff covered the entire car seat with the head and face remaining open. It’s one of the items I kept for my future children.
I have a small car and I did not want a stroller to take up the entire trunk, so this stroller is the best! Yes, it’s quite pricey, but it’s very lightweight, so it’s easy to carry it in and out of a car. Compared to other strollers, the Quinny Buzz is compact and not heavy at all. I love that it unfolds automatically, swivels smoothly, the canopy is very large, the seat is easy to disassemble and clean, and it is compatible to attach the Maxi-Cosi Mico Infant Car Seat. The only I do not like is the very small shopping basket, you cannot place too many items, nor a lot of bags. 
You remember all the times you’ve used a bulb syringe to clear out your baby’s stuffy nose? Wasn’t it so darn difficult to figure out if the syringe was really clean after rinsing it? Or wasn’t it such a mystery how much mucus you really cleared out of your child’s nose? Well, I’m so happy that I found the Nosefrida. It may seem like a weird and gross concept to suck out the mucus from your child’s nose and fear you may get it in your mouth, but there are disposable filters that will block the mucus from ever entering your mouth. I love that I can control how much to suck out of my poor child’s stuffy nose, and that I can see the amount of mucus he has. I also love that it’s so easy to clean. 
Do you also remember learning how to swaddle a baby doll at birthing classes, and thinking “Oh this is easy!”, but when it came to actually swaddling your baby it was like “How on Earth did you get out of that perfect swaddle I just did?!?” I LOVE this swaddle blanket, because it made swaddling my son so easy and he never got out of it. No loose limb at all! I like that the material is light and breathable. So even on warm days, the little one was still swaddled. 
I was very excited to buy a crib, cute sheets, a mobile and all that jazz, but….Guess how long Nathan slept in it? Not very long at all! When he was a newborn, I was one of those moms who would watch him every minute while he’s sleeping to make sure he’s breathing! I turned out to be a zombie from all the lack of sleep. But, using the Snuggle Nest gave me reassurance that Nathan was alright, and he was always within arms reach. This was how we started co-sleeping. Using the Snuggle Nest was also convenient because we could take it with us every where. Whenever we would visit someone’s house, I had a clean place to lay him down or change him. 
This is the best sterilizer, in my opinion! I’ve tried other brands, but they were the hardest to clean and assemble. This sterilizer is easy to use and can hold A LOT of bottles, pacifiers, pump parts, and feeding tools. I loved it and it’s suitable for all sorts of different baby bottles. It’s also very durable and long lasting, you can save it for the future too. It heats up pretty hot, and the way it is made really sterilizes everything you put inside. You can also pull-it out to be a drying rack! I no longer need to boil water in a pot and use tongs! This is great for busy parents who are looking to save time. I usually set it up before bedtime so, the next day all the bottles are clean and sterilized. 
These are my TOP must-haves! I have other items in mind that were also my favorites, but I will save that for next time. I did not want to make the post too long! Now that Nathan is 2, the only products I use now are the stroller and NoseFrida. I have retired the other products until I have another child. I would definitely use these products again! Have any of you tried any of these products? If so, what are your thoughts, and how well did they work for you and your family? Leave a comment below! Thank you so much for reading and continuing to support my blog!
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