The M.O.M.’s Pregnancy Must-Haves

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Last week on Instagram, I shared #throwbackthursday pregnant pictures! I also added some facts about my pregnancy, and it made me reminisce my pregnant days. I am not lying when I say I do miss being pregnant. I most especially miss seeing and feeling the baby’s kicks. However, I did not miss the constant bathroom breaks and the painful night leg cramps!!

Looking back at my old pictures gave me an idea to write this post and talk about the items I could NOT live without!

The M.O.M.’s Pregnancy Must Haves:

My doctor said I wasn’t drinking enough water and so I depended on this Lifefactory Glass Bottle to keep myself hydrated all the time. What I loved about this the most was I could keep refilling it and I did not have to waste plastic bottles. Drinking PLENTY of water is soo crucial during pregnancy, as well as, after. So I doubled up my intake to guarantee I would not be dehydrated. 
I am one of those people that gag while taking capsules and tablets. Especially, vitamins! Why are they so large?! I can never swallow it whole, and when I cut it in half I can feel the sharp edges going down my throat! I hate it! So I opted for the gummy vitamins. It still had all of the essential vitamins and minerals needed for pregnancy with DHA & Folic Acid! So this was a MAJOR PLUS for me! It was also delicious and easy to consume. 
I experienced the a lot nausea and morning sickness during my 1st trimester. I couldn’t eat anything, and everything was just so smelly and too nasty for me to eat. I had really bad heartburn all the time, and the nausea did not happen in the morning. It always happened at NIGHT! It made it so hard to sleep. I relied on the Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Morning Wellness Tea throughout my pregnancy to relieve my nausea. The ginger, chamomile, and peppermint in the tea helped me a lot. No need to buy 3 separate teas to drink when this has it all! I still drink it up until this day whenever I’m feeling under the weather. 
I honestly did not want to buy too many maternity clothing because: 1) I was at work all the time and we wore uniforms. 2) What am I going to do with it after the baby and I lose the weight? 3) They are expensive! However, what I did splurge on were really good maternity denim leggings. I wanted to invest into something of high quality and that I will be able to wear as I got bigger, AND during post-partum. These denim leggings were comfy and stylish. Also, I can keep it for my next pregnancy and it will still be useful and look good! 
I am not going to lie to you and tell you that all my stretch marks are gone. Because, they are not. It’s not as visible as it used to be, but it’s still there. And it does not bother me one bit! I started using Bio-Oil at the end of my 1st trimester, but I should’ve started way before that to maintain my skin’s elasticity. I love that this product is light and non-greasy and smells really good too. It’s also very affordable, and works wonders on scars. I use this up until this day before I moisturize my body, and it keeps it very smooth. 
Last but not least, I would not have had a single night sleep if it wasn’t for my body pillow!! I’m sorry to my hubby who was replaced by this pillow for a while, but I couldn’t live with out it. I even took it with me when we traveled and stayed at hotels. As I got bigger, and my belly got heavier it became more and more uncomfortable to sleep, and using this exact body pillow helped me feel more relaxed and comfortable. I highly recommend a body pillow when you’re pregnant to ease any pains when laying down on your side and so that you don’t have a bunch of pillows around you! Nathan used this pillow for tummy time, as well. Only downside with this product is that it flattens down after a few months and it’s not as puffy. So, you may have to buy it again. Other than that, I LOVE MY SNOOGLE! 
These items will be my go-to for my 2nd pregnancy, whenever that is! Hopefully in a couple years 🙂
These are the products that helped me a lot, what about you? What were your favorite pregnancy products? I’d love to hear them! 
Til Next Time,
Disclaimer: The above links do contain affiliate links, but as always – all opinions are my own and these are really products I have used and loved.
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20 thoughts on “The M.O.M.’s Pregnancy Must-Haves

  1. Kim Seghers says:

    Great post! I love Bio – Oil . I used it when I was pregnant for my little boy. I 'm lucky that I don't have any stretch marks ! Thank you for sharing this list! Kim @ This Ole Mom


  2. Mel - Melly Moments says:

    Ahh….the leg cramps!! Those are the absolute worst symptom of pregnancy. My poor husband got woken in the middle of the night one too many times with my screaming. They were just brutal. I agree with many of the items on your list, especially the Bio-oil. Thanks for sharing! Happy Thursday, Danica 🙂 So glad to have connected on Blogging Mamas FB group!


  3. Danica R says:

    Hi Mel! My apologies for the late reply! It's been a hectic week! I know, those leg cramps were the worst! It felt like the pain was getting stronger each day! Hope you have a great weekend Mel! I'm so glad to connecting with you too, thank you for stopping by!


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