Postpartum Must-Haves + Tips

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After going through labor and delivery, there is no doubt that post-partum healing can be painful and challenging. Right after our baby is born all we want to do is snuggle with them, and make sure they are always fed. However, we tend to forget that we must also take care of ourselves. It’s sometimes hard to balance our baby’s needs with the proper care for our body. Our bodies undergo nearly 57 del (unit) of pain during childbirth, thus it’s vital that we heal and recover properly. 
I know it’s not too easy to follow postpartum directions given by our doctor or midwife, especially when you’re lacking sleep and all you want to do is keep your eyes on your baby every single minute. I wanted to heal fast so I made sure I stuck with the doctor’s orders. Her first rule was “NO INTERCOURSE FOR 6 WEEKS!”, which was definitely abided! Haha! Here is a quick-list of what I used and helped me during my postpartum recovery. If you’re expecting, congratulations! I hope you can find this helpful when preparing for your delivery! After you pack your hospital bag, make sure to prepare these items for yourself too! 
Just a warning: this post might be a little TMI! 
1. Stretchy, big bottom, “granny panties” or disposable underwear — I’m sorry, but right after I had delivered I don’t care about not looking sexy in my undies! I needed something comfortable, and easy to move in, as well as, something I can put a large maxi-pad on. Also, if you have stitches “down there” or have had episiotomy, you’re going to need to wear loose undies for a while. 
2. Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Spray— After giving birth, it will hurt and burn “down there” so using a spray to soothe it will help a lot. Especially, a with hazel spray. It has a cooling effect and will help soothe the perineal to ease discomfort of postpartum vaginal soreness, episiotomies, and hemorrhoids. You’re going to need this! 
3. Earth Mama Angel Baby Postpartum Bath Herbs –this is optional but it is used to also relieve discomfort and pain for your bottom. It is a blend of styptic and antibacterial herbs to help postpartum women reduce swelling and accelerate healing “down there”. Below is a pictorial from Earth Mama Angel Baby to display how it works. You can either brew it, add it to your maxi-pad, then freeze it. Or, brew it and add it to your sitz bath. I used this a few times in my sitz bath, and it really did help ease the soreness of my lady parts.  What I love most about Earth Mama Angel Baby products are that they are USDA Certified 100% Organic and Non GMO Project Verified. 
4. Sitz Bath — This is a bath where you sit in warm water that covers your butt and hips. It is used to help promote healing and discomfort. This is where you can also add the bath herbs, or some lavender oils to soothe your discomforts and pain. It is recommended to use the sitz bath during the first week after delivery to keep yourself clean “down there” as much as possible. 
5. Perineal Irrigation Bottle –Yes, this is a little TMI but this will reallyyyy help you during recovery. After delivery, you will bleed a lot. Almost like when you’re on your menstruation. But, it’s not always easy to just wipe yourself like you normally would do, especially if you have stitches. It may be too painful! So, using this bottle with warm water and spraying yourself will not only soothe the pain, but also, keep you clean. After this step, you can use the witch hazel spray.
6. Maxi-Pads –the overnight ones! It will feel like you’re wearing a diaper, but like I’ve mentioned, you will have a lot of bleeding and discharge (lochia) after delivery. Almost, like your menstruation, but a little heavier. It’s different for all women, but it can last 2-4 weeks. 
7.  Ibuprofen or  OTC pain reliever– must consult with your doctor first before taking pain medications to see what will work best for you whether you are breastfeeding or not, or if you have any medical history. After giving birth, you might still feel contractions or cramps, this is your uterus returning back to it’s normal size. Often it can be painful, thus taking OTC pain relievers can also help. 
8. Belly Bandit Postpartum Belly Wrap –this is optional! This wrap is designed to assist you in bringing your body back to your former size, or even smaller after child birth. It helps provide abdominal support and comfort after C-section, and helps reduce stretch marks. I cannot attest that it helped reduce my stretch marks, but it did, however, slim down my waist a little. I was not consistent in wearing it because when my son was born in September, it was still scorching hot. Which made it too sticky and itchy to wear. Especially, since I did not have AC. 
Extra Postpartum Recovery Tips: 

-Drink plenty of water!
-Eating or drinking ginger helps promote lactation, and return uterus back to it’s normal size.
-Sleep when the baby sleeps. Rest is very important in healing your body.
-Don’t avoid your bowel movements, so try to relax, eat lots of fiber and drink plenty of water.
-Or take probiotics or stool softeners to prevent constipation.
-Place towels on your bed for extra protection in case you leak a lot.
-Try to not lift heavy items, because it may promote heavier bleeding and cramps. 
I hope this post helps you moms who are expecting! Pregnancy and child-birth are all exciting experiences that we tend to forget about our bodies. It’s important that we take care of not only our new baby, but also ourselves! 
First-time moms, or BTDT moms, what are your postpartum tips, and how was your postpartum healing? Any extra tips for new expecting mommies? I’d love to hear them! Please leave your comment below, or if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! 
Have a great night and weekend!
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11 thoughts on “Postpartum Must-Haves + Tips

  1. Mel Vasel says:

    Great suggestions as I feel so many people tend to shy away from telling their mommy friends this very important aspect of post pregnancy! All of these tips were super helpful for me, especially the sitz bath and irrigation bottle….LIFE SAVERS 🙂 I definitely have to check out all of these Angel Mama products for my next go around. I'm sure they will be a huge help!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Mel @ Melly Moments (Blogging Mamas Group)


  2. Danica R says:

    I know what you mean Sydney. I didn't hear about buying these kinds of items until right before I went into labor. I had to scurry and ask my mom to quickly buy me these items while I was in the hospital!


  3. Danica R says:

    Hi Mel! yes, the Angel Mama products are so helpful. From prenatal to post partum! My sistes, aunts,mom, friends, and cousin didn't give me these tips about postpartum. I wish they did because it's not easy! Luckily, I was following baby center at that time and the moms there were helpful 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Meghan says:

    I am going to forward this to my sister who is due in January. When I told her this week that she was still going to be bleeding after delivery, she didn't believe me. Thanks for sharing!


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