Holidays 2014: Best Time To Be A Kid!

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This week, I’m slowly seeing more Christmas decorations, Santa Houses, and Christmas Trees! It’s so exciting because I am very excited to enjoy all the holiday activities with my husband and son! After a certain age where we stop believing the existence of Santa Claus, we tend to lose the Christmas spirit. Through our adolescent years, we get more excited for money or new shoes, and less and less we really don’t care for toys, books, and tradition anymore. 
Then, you have a baby and you want to relive all the fun memories you had when you were a little girl all giddy and excited for Christmas morning! It then reminds you of when you were a kid and how exciting it all was! 
The holiday season is always a the BEST TIME TO BE A KID because:
1) It’s exciting to visit Santa’s house, tell him what you want for Christmas, and take a picture!
2) We get to make gingerbread houses!
3) Christmas songs are back on the radio and it’s so jolly to sing along with your parents in the car!
4) We get to visit pretty Christmas lighting neighborhoods!
5) Disneyland has the coolest and prettiest Christmas decorations at all times!
6) We get to leave milk and cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve!
7) Mommy and Daddy will let me open just 1 present before bedtime on Christmas Eve.
8) Grandma and Mommy make their best desserts this time of the year and I get to help!
9) I get to help mommy decorate the Christmas tree!
10) Mommy makes hot cocoa with marshmallows on top!
That’s my description of the holidays as a kid!

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Care to share how you will be making the holidays extra special for the kids this year? I would love to hear it!

Til Next Time!

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