#LoveBooksByAJ | ABC Books by AJ Angsley

Today,  Nathan and I had the pleasure of attending a children’s book reading at store, The Land of Nod. Stay-At-Home Mom and Author, AJ Angsley started her story time tour at the Costa Mesa location. She read her first 3 books from her ABC series, “A Is For ANT“, “B Is for Bear “, and “C Is for Cockatoo“. 

A little about the author, AJ Angsley and her books:
AJ is a SAHM and her cute baby girl, Abigail, inspired her to dream BIG and create these wonderful books for children. Her goal is to teach her daughter to give back to the community, therefore 25% of each book’s net proceeds will be donated to a charity or a non-profit organization! Isn’t that amazing? She is a true definition of someone who passionate about her work and puts a lot of LOVE into it too. An amazing role-model for her daughter, as well. 
Her first 3 books are so fun to read, and really keeps my toddler interested and engaged! He loves the colorful illustrations,especially the ending! Which, you must see for yourself! The books teaches children to think big, and encourages them to use their imagination! “A is for Ant” is all about adventures. “B for Bear” is about believing. Lastly, “C is for Cockatoo” is a counting boo. All 3 books are so special because each book, like I said earlier, is donated to a non-profit organization! In addition, her books are Psychologist Teacher Approved! 
After the book reading, I got to meet AJ and Abigail in person, and she is such a sweet woman, and Abigail is so darling! I’m really glad we were able to connect. Also, she passed out puzzles for tots to color on, which Nathan had a lot of fun doing!

If you are interested in purchasing AJ Angsley’s 3 books and to learn more about her cause, please visit her website. She is selling an ABC Bundle, and you can purchase it directly from her site, or at her next Story Time Tour! For dates and times, please visit www.ajangsley.com
Nathan was ready to read right when we got home, and we’re so excited to have AJ Angsley’s books in our book collection!

Good luck AJ and best wishes! 
Til Next Time,

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