Patient Parenting: Picking Battles (4/5)

Good morning, happy Thursday everyone! I hope your week has been going well so far. Mine has been up and down. Nathan has been on a different schedule, and it’s really throwing off our whole routine. I can’t seem to get him to bed at an early time, which makes him sleep in longer and wake up later. Our schedule has definitely shifted.
The past month, we’ve been discussing ways to stay patient and control our moods when it comes to discipline and tantrums.  During our Patient Parenting series, we talked about:
Today, I wanted to talk about some questions we should ask ourselves before disciplining our 
1. Is this really a big deal? — When we stop to give ourselves a “timeout”, think to yourself, should I let this slide today, or will it matter tomorrow? Don’t sweat the small stuff.
2. Am I saying “no” too much? — Constantly shutting down our children’s request can really put them down. Rephrasing “no” to a more positive and hopeful statement can make children excited and willing to be obedient. But, don’t forget to fall through with the plan to get your child to trust your word.
3.  Am I causing this behavior? –Ouch! Sometimes it’s true…Making toddlers wait and be patient at a store or restaurant for hours seems too good to be true. Also,  not giving them enough attention throughout the day also can spur up misbehavior. I’m not to give them attention 24/7, but I read on “Happiest Toddler on the Block” by Harvey Karp, MD is to give attention or play with your child every now and then (which is 15-20 minutes of your time out of an hour) and that would satisfy them. 
Asking the questions above can help you decide whether or not our children’s actions can be something we as parents can prevent or just let go. 
Have you ever thought about asking yourself these questions before yelling or discipling? What other questions would you add to this? 

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10 thoughts on “Patient Parenting: Picking Battles (4/5)

  1. Jane H says:

    Good points. I definitely feel positive reinforcement works much better than no. No needs to be saved for “dangerous” situations you want them to avoid. ( Such as a hot pan on the stove)
    Like the saying goes… Pick your battles wisely!
    Great post 😉


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