Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Kids

Valentine’s Day is a special day for me because it is me and Robert’s anniversary! I know, pretty cheesy, right? We actually don’t celebrate outside of the house anymore because everyone else is celebrating, so we usually stay home and go on with our daily routine. Then we wait til the day or weekend after to actually where he wines and dines me 🙂 

Since we had our little one, we much rather celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with him anyway! I make a cute little dinner and really set up our table in a fancy wa and make him part of our “date”. I make it look like a romantic candle-lit date! We also forget about buying each other gifts, and make each other something nice, or usually spend a good amount at a fancy restaurant. So instead of gifts for one another, I like buying Nathan a little something. 
Here are some ideas on Valentine’s Gifts for Kids!

1. Books– I love getting Nathan books with the theme about LOVE. I got these books for him last year. 

2. Stuffed Animals
3. Chocolate or Candy Basket –for your older kids! 
4. A Heart Chest to Decorate for Girls 
5. Peg Puzzles for Boys & Girls
6. Love Coupons for Kids— these are soo cute!
7. Cookie Basket-– for all ages!
This year I plan on getting Nathan a new stuffed animal since his favorite “lovey” named Ellie who is a stuffed elephant from Little Jellycat is pretty worn out! I’m also thinking of getting him a new book, and of course I’m going to make him cookies! I love celebrating this day of love, even though everyday is LOVE day! What are your plans for your kids this Valentine’s Day? 

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