To The Mom Who Needs A Break

You are NOT alone. 
You are NOT a bad mother or parent.
You are NOT a bad person. 
You are human.
As mothers we are constantly doing all that we can to cater, please, and make our family happy. Whether we’re at work or we’re a Stay-At-Home Mom, our day’s work is never completed until those little ones are actually in bed. Even then so, your work still isn’t finished. There’s still dishes that need to washed, floors that need to be swept, and food that needs to be prepared for the next day. Unless you say “forget this work” and leave it for the next day then maybe, just maybe, you’ll find time for yourself. And when you do, don’t feel bad about it. 
As mothers there’s only so much we can do in a day. If you’re feeling defeated, that’s alright. Take some time for yourself, and see what an hour of your day can do. Sometimes, a good nap is just what you need. Or even a glass of wine while watching TGIT!

Whatever it is, don’t feel bad about it. You DESERVE a break. Happy children need happy moms. Don’t forget that!

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16 thoughts on “To The Mom Who Needs A Break

  1. Kim Seghers says:

    Hi Danica! I agree with you Moms need a break to take for themselves and recharge their batteries. The one thing I use to do was during my child's nap time I would bring the baby monitor with me in the bathroom while I soaked in a warm bubble bath with candles lit and the lights off. I have learned that the mess will always be right where you left it. I usually do household chores when everyone is sleeping. And yes Happy Moms mean Happy Children! No parent should feel bad about needing a little time to themselves!!! Kim @ This Ole Mom


  2. Megan Elford {WelcomeToTheZoo} says:

    Yes, every mom needs a break now and then! I have a weekly break night when my husband watches the kids while I go and listen to really loud music in the minivan, drive around, window shop, or run errands. Oh yeah, there's usually some chocolate involved too. But no matter what it ends up being, the mini mental vacation is a HUGE help and really reduces my stress level.


  3. Gina Young says:

    Totally agree! As mothers we are so used to giving to other little people who need us (all the time) that we forget to– or don't feel like we can– take time for ourselves.


  4. Melly Moments says:

    Oh, guilty mom syndrome. I hear it never really goes away. When you have little people who rely on you so much, it's hard to remember to take time for yourself. I have to remind myself often that my house doesn't have to be perfectly clean and organized all the time, because frankly, visitors aren't coming by to visit every day. So much of the week, it's just me and my little man at home….and I know he certainly doesn't know the difference. So, maintaining this mentality has helped me to take time for myself, which in turn, makes me feel like a more attentive mama 🙂


  5. Danica R says:

    I need to remind myself too, I have a little OCD and have to wash every dirty dish I see in the sink. I need to stop that and just let it go for a while. So I can focus and play more with my son too.


  6. Kristina Barbee says:

    Although I'm not a mom (not for about 10 more years!) I know so many mothers who could read this and benefit from it.

    Thanks so much for sharing at Talented Tuesday Link Party, hope to see you again this week!


  7. Sarah Vanderkooy says:

    Good read! I struggle to take time for myself, but when I do I notice a positive difference in me and my family. As I'm typing this at 2 am holding a sleeping baby I think I will be taking some me time tomorrow in the form of a nap!


  8. Sydney Andersen says:

    Every mom needs to read this! There is so much mom shaming these days that we always feel like we aren't good enough or don't do enough. We are pretty awesome us moms…whether we are stay at home or working, our families couldn't survive without us


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