Happy 1/2 Year Birthday to My Little Man!

Today my little baby is not so little anymore 😦 He is now 2 1/2 years old! Where has time gone?! Here he is looking like a big boy at our little day date in LA today. Sigh…Why do they have to grow up so fast? My sweet love!

At 2.5 years old Nathan:
  • Knows his alphabet
  • Loves to spell words he sees
  • Love the song wheels on the bus & knows the whole son
  • Can count 1,2,3 then skips to 7,8,9,10 (lol)
  • Favorite phrases are “all done!”
  • Loves green & red juice
  • Loves to eat noodle soup & tofu soup
  • Loves cookies! 
I can’t believe my little man will be 3 in six months 😦 Time PLEASE slow down!
I love you baby bear! 

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