#TastyToddlerMeals Instagram Collaboration

Hi Everyone! I’m sure many of you see that I’m constantly updating my Instagram account, and I share my son’s daily meals. Just like many of other IG mamas, we post meals to give ideas out there of what are some ways we can spruce up our cooking to fit our family and most especially our children’s palate. In addition to that, I also love to look through Instagram to find creative recipes.

That’s why I had this idea! Why not team up with other mamas who love to cook for their families, who snaps photos of what they make and collaborate with them! So I teamed up with 8 other mamas.. and..Let me present to you…

This collaboration will feature a new key ingredient every week. With the week’s key ingredient, each mama will showcase delicious and kid-friendly healthy meal ideas! A lot of us parents find it challenging to serve certain fruits and vegetables to our little ones. Our goal is to give you inspirations on recipes that your whole family can enjoy!

We’ve got all types of mamas! We have vegan mamas, baby led weaning mamas, and mamas who have toddler and older children! We’re a diverse group who simply loves to cook for our family!

Follow us and check out our photos & recipes using #InstaWeanTeam and #TastyToddlerMeals! You may also follow all of us on Instagram! We are launching on Monday, March 16th! There will be 2 mamas each day (Monday-Friday) showcasing the “Key Ingredient”. Stay tuned for the schedule! We welcome suggestions, feedbacks, and requests!

@TheMemoirsofaMommy || https://instagram.com/thememoirsofamommy/
@NaturallyNourishedKid || https://instagram.com/naturallynourishedkid/
@Mama.of4 || https://instagram.com/mama.of4/
@BabyFoodIdeas || https://instagram.com/babyfoodideas/
@BLWMamaUK || https://instagram.com/blwmamauk/
@Emily.Eats || https://instagram.com/emily.eats/
@BrambleBites_ || https://instagram.com/bramblebites_/
@BabyLedGourmet || https://instagram.com/babyledgourmet/
@BitesForTots || https://instagram.com/bitesfortots/

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