Why Moms & Kids Love Indoor Playgrounds

Being a Stay-At-Home Mom has plenty of perks! One, you spend plenty of quality time with your children. Two, you save money from paying for daycare or childcare. Three, you can be in yoga pants all day everyday and no one will judge you. Although, to be honest, being home all day every day can be mentally draining. With all the work you have to do keeping a home nice and clean to chasing a toddler around making sure they are not climbing on kitchen counters, being cooped up at home all day can be very tiring! Also, I know being home all day drives children wild too. They need more stimulation and a new enticing place to release their energy. So at least twice a week, Nathan and I go on excursions and have play dates with other moms and their kids. We love going to local parks, indoor playgrounds, or to children’s museums. Even though we’re out and about, it’s quite a refresher and it’s not as tiring (even when I’m still chasing a toddler around).

Fun @ Pretend City 
Fun @ Giggles & Hugs

Here are reasons why moms and toddlers love indoor playgrounds:

1. No clean up involved — except for diapers and messy faces that is. Or even the accidental drink spills. Other than that, I love that I don’t have to put away or clean up the toys Nathan plays with.
2. You can finally sit down— At home, I hardly sit down, there’s always something I must attend to. When we’re at an indoor playground I can just sit nearby and watch Nathan play and enjoy himself. I can’t get enough of him smiling ear to ear, though.
3. It’s a little safer and cleaner than going to a park— not every play ground is as immaculate as your home, but there are a few that are worth attending. To find these mom-approved playgrounds, I use the MomCo App on my phone.
4. It’s fun for you too–You can meet with other moms and be able to have adult interaction while still watching your kids. On top of that, you’re making memories that will last a lifetime.
5. Build a new mama tribe–-You can meet new moms and make new friends for you and the kids. If you’ve seen that mom a few times,  chances are she probably lives in the area. That means these new individuals could be lifelong friends for you and your family. If you’re unsure if you exchange numbers since you don’t know each other well yet, ask her if she has the MomCo app so you can plan play date through there.

Scheduling play dates with new moms and their kids is almost like asking someone out on a date. You really don’t know anything about this person you’re going to meet up, so you just really pray it goes well. For both you and your kids. Some people go on an extreme and Google, Facebook or Instagram stalk a person before meeting them up. To save all that unnecessary trouble, that’s when the MomCo App comes in handy. It’s built by moms for moms, and moms are all about safety. So Facebook registration is required to use the app as a safety precaution, but that’s alright because then you’ll know a little bit more about the mom you’re meeting up with. The app can also help you both find a cool indoor play ground to meet up at. Hey, you never know, that indoor play ground could even have a sweet deal going on in the app!

To learn more about the MomCo App, check out the website, HERE.
or download the app today!

Android Store: http://bit.ly/1GpWVRn 
Apple Store:  http://bit.ly/1CLzAUx

Here are 3 of my favorite indoor playgrounds in the LA area:
Do you ever go on play dates with other mommies? If so, where are your favorite places to go? Also, what do you love most about indoor playgrounds? 

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10 thoughts on “Why Moms & Kids Love Indoor Playgrounds

  1. Amanda says:

    Great idea! Inside playgrounds are such a great idea! I feel safer taking a toddler there you do not really have to worry about cars or runaway kids! Really great idea if your child suffers from asthma or allergies! Great post, thanks for sharing!


  2. Donna M says:

    This app sounds great, will be checking it out for sure! I totally agree, setting up playdates for the kids can be like setting yourself up for a date sometime 🙂


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