The Importance of Lactation Support

In today’s day and age we turn to the Internet for most of our questions. However, when we type in one question, we wind up with countless of different websites with opposite answers. So, where does an expecting or a new mom go when they have questions on breastfeeding or pumping? They can either turn to Dr. Google, or seek a local lactation consultant/specialist.

The importance lactation support for pregnant mothers:

  • To be educated on breastfeeding techniques before your baby arrives.
  • To  understand how your body, most especially your breasts,will transform once you begin to lactate.
  • To learn about problems you may encounter when breastfeeding, such as, mastitis, engorgement, sore nipples, etc.
  • To prepare your partner for moral support, to aware them of the importance of breastfeeding, and the demands of it.
  • To have all of your breastfeeding questions and concerns answered by a professional.
  • To be given the moral support that you need based on your decision to breastfeed or exclusively pump, whenever you need it, and to help you carry out your decision and feel good about it.
  • To be guided through insurance information when obtaining a breast pump from private insurance company.

The importance of lactation support for post-partum mothers.

  • To ensure that you are meeting your goals.
  • To have your questions and concerns answered regarding pumping techniques, latch-on techniques, milk supply, or milk-storage techniques.
  • To have a mentor, or a motivator to help guide you even when you feel like giving up.
  • To be assisted through any problems you may encounter while nursing or pumping.
  • To be given recommendations from a lactation consultant if you are concerned about low milk-supply, such as, galactagogues or nutrition advice.
  • To be educated and guided on proper latch-on techniques if you and your baby are having issues in that area, and may they may also help diagnose if your child is tongue-tied.
Among those who become licensed lactation consultants/specialists are midwives, physicians, hospital or public health nurses, pediatricians, occupational therapists, and experienced peer support counselors (like me!). They are also employed in various settings, such as, hospitals, lactation clinics, maternal and child health centers, and private practice as a lactation consultant.
Using the MomCo App is a great way to find  lactation support near you!
Simply download the app

Android Store: 
Apple Store: 
Once you’ve dowloaded the app, tap on services. Then scroll down and look for Lactation Support, and there you will see a list of lactation specialists and consultants in your area.
It’s that easy! What breastfeeding questions do you have or would like to ask your lactation specialist? Leave a comment below, or share this post with any new or first-time moms looking for lactation support. Cheers!


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