Caring for Your Skin During Pregnancy

DSC05705I understand, mama. Pregnancy isn’t always fun, and to be honest I’m pretty sure you just want more sleep. While there’s those that have that “glow” during pregnancy where their skin & nails are in their favor, there’s some of us who need to add an extra step into our routine to get the “glow”

Every pregnancy is different for sure, and when I was pregnant with Nathan I tried so many different belly butters and oils but my skin was still soooo dry! This time around, I wanted make sure I didn’t have that problem, so I was happy when I tried Basq NYC skin care products for the first time and never had to use any other brands.

I’ve been using Basq since I was 8 weeks pregnant. I’m now at 33 weeks and I still LOVE using their products. I have been using the Lavender Sugar Skin Perfecting Scrub, Resilient Body Oil, and the Intensive Treatment Stretch Mark Butter. Basq recommends using these 3 products sequentially to prevent & repair stretch marks. Read the instructions on using all 3 here.

Image of basq NYC Lavender Sugar Body PolishNot only does the Lavender Sugar Skin Perfecting Scrub smell divine, it also renews my skin! Every time I scrub, the natural acids in the sugar gently polishes away any dry and flaky skin. After shower, I can feel how smooth and fortified my skin is!

I mostly use the Resilient Body Stretch Mark oil for massages and as a carrier oil for my essential oils. Our skin during pregnancy is so sensitive that using a carrier oil with essential oils is a must! Though this product is a mixture different types of seeds oil, I still like using it with my essential oils because it does not leave my skin oily or sticky. In addition, it allows the essential oils that I apply to do its magic.

I occasionally use both the oil & butter at the same time, but not often. I use the Intensive Treatment Stretch Mark butter the most and is my favorite from all 3 products. I use this not only on my belly, but also on my thighs, breasts, and butt cheeks. Basically where stretch marks usually form for me! It’s light, non-sticky, and non-oily. Right at application, you can instantly feel the hydration on your skin and this is what helps my skin glow! I also love that it’s scent isn’t over powering and it doesn’t stain my clothes so I can reapply this butter throughout the day! I’ve already had stretch marks from my prior pregnancy so I wasn’t really looking for something to prevent it. However, this product has repaired my old stretch marks because when I was pregnant with Nathan, I had dark stretch marks, but now with Baby #2 my stretch marks aren’t as visible!

Even after pregnancy, I am still going to continue using Basq because not only is it safe during pregnancy, but their products are also safe while nursing! Quality is so important for me and my family so I want to make sure I incorporate products in our daily lives that uses the

  • highest quality ingredients and does not have questionable ingredients that I cannot pronounce
  • are clinically tested to be allergy, irritant and sensitivity free!

I really love Basq NYC products since it has helped transform my skin dramatically and because of its “clean” ingredients! I highly recommend Basq NYC! To learn more about Basq, visit 


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