What I Learned During The First 2 Weeks with 2 Kids

I had anticipated that it wasn’t going to be easy and it sure wasn’t. Nathan has been used to being the center of attention and the only child for the longest time. So having to adjust to a new baby and having to wait for mommy and daddy’s attention was quite difficult for him. That killed me inside; that I couldn’t attend to his needs instantly. My husband went back to work right away, so being alone all day with a baby and a 5 year old made me very anxious. Waking up in the morning was the hardest!!!

But as the 2 weeks passed by, I have learned the following:

  • Cleaning up the mess can wait & so can the dishes
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. My mom helped so much!
  • Sleep does exist, just need to time it appropriately
  • When baby is sleeping, that’s the perfect time to spend time with your first born
  • Food and grocery delivery apps and sites are everything!!! Thank goodness for the site Milk & Eggs! Milk & Eggs save me from venturing to the grocery with TWO kids. I’m just not ready for it yet! Especially in this heat. They have everything I need for weekly healthy meals & snacks. I love the all the fresh fruits and veggies! Also, I’m obsessed with their matcha & almond mylk options! They carry amazing brands like Matcha Bar, Califia Farms & Kite Hill! Reasonable & affordable prices too! Visit Milk & Eggs here. Did I mention that they deliver?? That’s what I love the most!
  • Lots and lots snacks are important. I can’t make a whole fancy meal anymore these days; and there’s no time to meal prep completely, but I still want to offer Nathan something nutritious so I love that Milk & Eggs offer a variety of snacks. From hummus and pita chips to vegetarian dumplings too!
  • Throw all your expectations out the door. Yes limit screen time, but choose your battles wisely to keep you sane! If you gotta play Coco five times a day to keep your son entertained, then so be it. *shrugs*

Everyday is getting a bit easier (just a smidge though), and sometimes I wonder if I am doing anything right. Then I see this and yup I think I am doing okay!

What are your tips for a new mama of 2?


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