Caring for My Baby’s Skin

It’s true when they say all babies are different. My son and daughter are really opposite! In temperament, sleep routine & even in feeding! Their skin sensitivities are VERY different, too! When Nathan was a baby, he never had a single diaper rash, dry skin, baby acne, or cradle cap. He must have taken that on from his father’s genes. Our daughter, Alexandra, on the other hand developed baby acne and cradle cap! Since she’s just the cutest chubbiest baby with no neck, that area gets so sweaty and she started getting bumps there too, no matter how clean I keep her.

Luckily, I found Bambo Nature’s vegan Skincare line that has helped soothe and clear away her dry skin and cradle cap while keeping my baby’s skin clean and moisturized. The baby acne is still slowly clearing up. Alexandra’s cradle cap was so bad, she had dandruff all over her head, so before bath time, I gently massaged the Splish Splash Bath Oil on her scalp and let it sit there for about 10-15 minutes. During this time, I would just nurse & cradle her with a towel so that the oil doesn’t get all over the place. During her bath, I also use the oil to massage all over her body before adding the Bath Buddy Hair & Body Wash. I usually save washing her scalp near the end of the bath time. Once, I soap her scalp, I also gently comb her hair to remove any excess dry skin. Once baby girl is all dried up, I then moisturize her with the Snuggle Time Body Lotion. She loves the massages she gets with it too! Lastly, in the areas that are irritated, I dab a little Love Balm Soothing Cream to shield her skin from excess moisture, like on her neck. The Love Balm has all the ingredients I approve of, such as, aloe and coconut oil!

Following this routine for 2 weeks helped clear away her cradle cap and the tiny bumps on her neck. I love that all of Bambo Nature’s products are non-scented and are made with really clean ingredients, not just for her, but also for the environment. That is why their skincare products have received the coveted Nordic Ecolabel, Danish Asthma and Allergy Association label and has been natural and organic certified by Ecocert. Knowing this gives me great relief that what I’m applying on my baby’s skin is naturally “clean”. What I also love most is that skincare products are so affordable even if they are eco-friendly and vegan. There are a lot of products in the market that make the same claims, but are so expensive and not as effective. Bambo Nature really stays true, just take a look at their credentials, awards, and eco-labels! I don’t know any other company that provides a list of their ingredients and what each one does! I impressed with a company that is transparent about their ingredients and help educate the community about it, too!

I highly recommend their products and will be staple at our house! Have you ever used Bambo Nature’s skincare line before?

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