Healthy Options at BJ’s Restaurants Now Available!

Going to BJ’s Restaurant in Burbank has always been a family favorite! This past weekend, some of gal pals from The LA Mommy Blogger Tribe and myself visited BJ’s Restaurant to try their new items from their Enlightened menu!

We first ordered a round drinks which is so hard to choose from because they have a lot of options! My all-time fave is their Black Velvet, but I chose the Pineapple Ancho Margarita which was very refreshing! Next came all the appetizers! We got the Best Beginnings Appetizer Combo which includes mozzarella sticks, avocado rolls, an artichoke dip, and boneless wings. From this plate, my fave was the boneless wings because it was served Nashville Hot style! It had an amazing kick! We also got the Honey Sriracha Brussels Sprouts which was a hit and everyone gobbled it up right away. It was crispy and had the right amount of char and spice!

Once we were done with the appetizers, next were the main courses! We were served items from the EnLIGHTened Favorites menu which are healthier options for those looking for something light. BJ’s Restaurants are well-known for their amazing pizzas, but it’s nice to see other options such as zoodles and soba too. BJ’s also wanted to make sure to add on a menu of items in which everyone with different dietary restrictions can choose from; whether it’s vegetarian, gluten-free, or for those with certain allergies. From the EnLIGHTened menu, we got the Seared Ahi Salad, Pacific Poke Soba Noodles, and the Blackened Chicken Zucchini Noodles. Out of these 3, my favorite was the Blacked Chicken Zucchini Noodles! Tasted just like a hearty jambalaya with less calories! The dish was dressed up with Creamy alfredo, San Marzano marinara and parmesan cheese. It sounds heavy, but you feel good eating it since majority of the dish is with veggies. As for the Seared Ahi Salad and Pacific Poke Soba, they were good but it wasn’t worth remembering. I wish it had a little bit more umami to it. Though, I do agree that both dishes are very healthy and well-balanced. We can’t end a visit and a meal at BJ’s without having a pizookie of course! They now offer 7 different types of pizookies, but I’m a classic Chocolate Chip girl, so that one was my go-to. I may or may not have saved leftovers for the fam (haha).

Not only was the food at BJ’s Restaurant so good, the hospitality at the Burbank location was also fantastic! Everyone is friendly from the moment you step in til you leave. Parking is easy since there’s valet or a free parking garage next to the restaurant. Overall, BJ’s Restaurant will always be one of the top choices to dine for any type occasion. It’s definitely nostalgic to come with my husband as it is our favorite date night spot.

Coming up on March 12th, BJ’s Restaurant will be having the Taps Takeover Tuesday! Ballast Point will be coming to the Burbank location and taking over their taps bringing in their own beers and swag. This is sure going to be a fun event and it would be great to pair the Ballast Point beers with any of the EnLIGHTened menu items! Don’t forget to get a $3 Pizookie on Tuesdays while you’re there! One more thing! Download the BJ’s Mobile App to order ahead, perks, and shorten your wait time! Another reason why I love this place! I am definitely looking forward to visiting BJ’s again, but this time bringing back the fam!

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