Medela PersonalFit Flex™ Breast Shields Review

My breastfeeding and pumping journey has been going on for 8 months strong! What keeps me going is the labor of love and the ultimate joy I receive from nourishing my baby. Pictured below is the pump I get to use while I’m at work and I’m fortunate they provide the Medela Symphony for me.

My supply goes up and down, but it’s still enough for my daughter while I am away. During this pumping journey, I like to try and experiment with different accessories that will perhaps work best for me and my supply. One of the latest pumping accessories I have tried are the Medela PersonalFit Flex Breast Shields.

Did you know that using the wrong size breast shields can severely impact your milk production? Here’s a great guide on choosing the right size shield.

With the flex technology, Medela launched the PersonalFit Flex breast shields to help moms pump over 11% more breast milk, faster! The oval-shaped design of the shield offers comfort, convenience and efficiency. The edges of the shields do not feel as if it’s piercing against my breasts.

Regardless of breast shape or size, PersonalFit Flex breast shields were developed to support mom’s breast milk supply with the four-way fit and unique oval-shaped design. It also adapts to mom’s natural shape and helps her find the pumping position that works best. The PersonalFit Flex breast shield is currently offered in four sizes, 21 mm, 24 mm, 27 mm, and 30 mm and works with all Medela breast pumps. I use the 24 mm.

“For every two moms who breastfeed, one of them stops because she is concerned about her breast milk supply – this is what the research tells us,” said Melissa Gonzales, executive vice president of Americas for Medela. “The unique design of the PersonalFit Flex breast shield is the result of significant research and feedback from real moms. We hope that with this new, innovative breast shield, along with the expanded access to live breastfeeding support through 24/7 LC, moms will use these tools to support their breast milk feeding experience.”

Whether it’s due to keeping up with my pumping routine at work or taking galactagogues, I have noticed my milk supply increase while using the shields, perhaps because it fits perfectly. I personally like these shields over the original ones because of the comfort. Medela pumps come with the standard shields, so these are not included in the pump set and must be purchased separately. It can be costly because you cannot return the parts, but the helpful guide above will help determine what size you need.

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