A Legendairy Tale – Legendairy Milk Review

It’s crazy how much milk I donated because I had an overproduction of breast milk during the first 5 months of postpartum. I produced and pumped so much milk and donated it to a friend who needed milk for their baby. During that time, I’d leak all the time and I was always easily engorged. Fast forward to just a few months later, today, I am trying to increase my milk! I make enough for my daughter for her to have during the day while I am at work, but we no longer have a freezer stash in case I am away for a little longer than a day.

I wanted to try something new besides lactation cookies, bars, or teas. I’ve never consumed galactagogues in capsule form before. Read more here on what galactagogues are. I’ve been following Legendairy Milk for a while and have read the reviews on their products. I thought to myself, ‘hey it’s worth a shot’. The mission of Legendairy stemmed from their passion to provide lactation support and guidance to mothers who may be struggling with reaching their breastfeeding goals. What separates Legendairy from other similar brands is that they are fenugreek free. They find that there are a variety of possible adverse reactions from consuming fenugreek. One of them is the unusual side effect of the excretion of a maple syrup odor from the urine, sweat and possibly breastmilk after taking fenugreek which can affect a woman’s thyroid health. I recall experiencing this side effect when taking fenugreek teas or a thistle containing fenugreek when I was exclusively pumping for my son 6 years ago. That is why I am happy to have found Legendairy and couldn’t wait to try.

The site offers a lot of different milk support products with different ingredients so it’s hard to figure out exactly what you need. Thus, I opted for the “Bestsellers Bundle” which includes a bottle of “Pump Princess“, “Milkapalooza”, and “Liquid Gold”.

Out of the 3 bottles, I first tried Milkapalooza which is a blend of morninga, nettle leaf, fennel seed, and shatavari root. All ingredients are also organic! I took (2) capsules three times a day for a week and Holy Moly! I was was so amazed by the results! Side note, I pump twice day at work and nurse on demand at home. Day 1 of taking Milkapalooza, I was yielding an output of 1 oz on the right breast and 3-4 oz on the left breast. Day 8 of taking them I witnessed a significant increase and yielded 4 oz from the right breast! Watch this short video diary I made for myself.

I was so amazed by the increase of my milk production with the Milkapalooza! I took a week break from taking any more capsules before trying the next bottle. After a week, I started taking “Liquid Gold” which is a blend of goat’s rue, milk thistle, shatavari, fennel, alfalfa, and anise. I took (2) capsules three times every day for about nine days straight. At this point my average milk output was about 9 oz total from both breasts during TWO pump sessions. Consuming the Liquid Gold capsules after a week increased my milk output to 9 oz total from one pump session! So it helped increase 4 oz more! Not only did I see the increase, I was also pumping more hindmilk than foremilk. Which in result helped produce a “fattier” milk.

I am currently on a “break” from taking any capsules at the moment. I feel that my supply is just right for my baby right now. I notice the dips of supply during the last week of the month when I am about to get my period, so I make sure I start taking it again a week ahead along with a calcium / magnesium vitamins. I will be taking Pump Princess next which I look forward to maintaining my supply while enriching my milk. I will report back on it!

Overall, I see what the hype is all about for the Legendairy Milk Capsules! I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to promote milk production and milk enrichment! As always, these products are not intended to be used during pregnancy and please consult with your provider before consuming.

6 thoughts on “A Legendairy Tale – Legendairy Milk Review

  1. Hannah says:

    Did you experienced any dip in supply or side efrects when you stopper using it for a week? Did you taper your dosage before you stopped?


  2. Michael Potter says:

    I know it’s been a while since this review, but did you end up trying the Pump Princess and do you have any suggestions of which product you may recommend? My wife is currently doing a mixture of pumping and breastfeeding 2 months postpartum with a pretty steady flow. She’s trying to decide between which of these to take (she is currently taking their Sunflower Lecithin to do preventative clogged duct maintenance). Thank you!


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