Exploring The World of Disney With Osmo Super Studio!

Screen time is limited in our home, so when Nathan does get a chance to play on the iPad, I want to make sure he’s playing something fun and educational. That’s where Osmo comes in! Osmo games are not only fun, but also enhances learning. Osmo offers an array of different educational games! Nathan was gifted the Super Studio Incredibles 2 and he couldn’t be more ecstatic to play! Super Studio comes with Comes with Super Sketchpad, Super Marker, and Super Sweeper. Osmo Base and iPad not included.

With Super Studio, my little techie artist get step-to-step instructions on how to draw the scenes, then watch the story come to life! He loves the movie the Incredibles so while playing he was immersed in the game and felt like he was able to make his own animated story! The Super Studio is a great way to teach Nathan an introduction to Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) with seeing his drawings come to life! The sketch pad is filled with 30 pages to create imaginative animations!I enjoyed watching his excitement, but I also enjoyed that the sketch pad is easy to clean. A little tip, to thoroughly clean the pages, run the Super Sweeper under water and squeeze out so that it’s damp! Works so well! another great thing about this game is we can take it anywhere as it’s easy to pack. Just don’t forget your iPad!

The Super Studio is also offered with Disney Princesses and Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends! The app is free in the App Store but the booklet without the base is $19! The game is recommended for children over 5 years old so I think this would make a great gifts Nathan’s friends as well! Mike Sorentino from CNET writes “A Super Studio rep also clarified that normal paper and ink should work with the games as well, but would be a different experience since the game’s booklet correlates directly with the app.”

The Osmo Super Studio can be purchased on their website or Amazon. To learn more about being an Osmonaut visit https://www.playosmo.com/en/ or follow them on Instagram @PlayOsmo

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