Nest Diapers Review

I remember the time when I was pregnant with my son, I was only 23 years old (7 years ago) and clueless on what to do. I read “What to Expect When Expecting”, remember that? Subscribed to Baby Center news, and downloaded numerous apps to track baby’s sleep and feeding schedule. We spent so much time researching information on plastic and how we can use less of it. Learning about BPA free to phthalate free was quite overwhelming, but little did I know that researching about your baby’s diaper is also crucial. He still survived no matter the choice of diapers I made, but it got me thinking when having my now 15 months old daughter – “I wonder how much chemicals are put in to a diaper for absorption and to mask that fresh powder scent.” You never really think about the importance of a diaper, but it truly is an essential factor when welcoming a baby. Especially if you don’t know how your baby will react to the different ingredients the diaper has.

We started using Nest diapers and never looked back! I love the fact that Nest is eco-friendly and is transparent about the ingredients that make up their diaper. The primary materials are plant-based; see the full list of ingredients below:

One of the things I also like about Nest diapers is that it’s fragrance free and very gentle on my daughter’s skin. I’m happy that she remains leak free and not getting any irritations from the materials. The diapers are also strong enough to handle blowouts without it oozing out! That is a total win in my opinion! Compared to other diaper brands, Nest Diapers do seem run a bit bigger. Which is probably why there hasn’t been any blowout leaks since it’s not tight around the thighs. Also, since I have a petite toddler she’ll be in size 3 for a while which not a problem at all! I also love the minimalist design. Just a plain white diaper with a wet / dry indicator. Simple and easy! No designs that can be seen through her clothes and tights which is great for baby fashionistas!

Did I mention that Nest diapers can also be composted? Nest will compost in municipal and industrial facilities. For all my LA peeps Blessed Bums is the closest to us! Check here to find the closest one to you! Where can you find and try Nest diapers for your little ones? My favorite places to find them in LA are:

  • A Mother’s Haven
  • Earth Baby Boutique
  • Kidsland
  • But you can also purchase them through their site at

Gimme the Good Stuff rated Nest Diapers as #1 Best Non-Toxic Disposable Diapers! Read more here. Overall, I am very happy with Nest and would continue to use it for my baby. I would definitely recommend these to my friends and family members that have little ones. I would totally gift it too! To learn more about Nest diapers follow them Instagram @nestdiapers and visit