Review: Majka Digest & Destress Magnesium Powder

Each pregnancy of mine has been harder and harder on my body. My first pregnancy felt like a breeze, the 2nd time, I miscarried. The 3rd time was horrible in the beginning, but eventually got easier til the 3rd trimester. But, BOY! This 4th and last pregnancy has been the hardest, starting at the 1st trimester! Running around with 2 little ones at home makes it even harder. Add on the pandemic stress too! I do like having my caffeine fix in the morning, but at the end of the day I need something to wind me down. Thankfully, I found just the right supplement to help me with that.

Majka’s Digest & Destress Magnesium Powder helps me relax and unwind while also aiding my digestive regularity. I never knew magnesiuim deficiency would be a factor in my overall health, but I can understand why. As a mama of 2 plus pregnant, I was so tired of being tired all the time. It’s been really hard for me to fall asleep and stay asleep. Pregnancy insomnia is a REAL! I hated waking up already exhausted. I wanted to give the Majka D&D Magnesium Powder a try and see if it’ll help me out. The first night, I added a scoop to hot water and found it too sweet for my liking, but drank it anyway. But, it sure knocked me out instantly! I felt so relaxed and finally slept better than usual. I was so excited that the powder really helped me and found a product that I can use for the rest of my pregnancy and beyond.

Since I did not like mixing it with hot water, I have been mixing it with room temperature or cold water instead. It tastes so much better for me this way and I no longer find it too sweet. My OB told me that I’m slightly anemic so I needed to increase my iron intake which has been making me more constipated. No bueno for this mama in her 3rd trimester. I’m not one to take stool softeners or metamucil, so Majka’s D&D Magnesium Powder also aids with bowel movements and digestion. Truly amazing!


I love that Majka’s Digest & Destress Powder has many benefits and can also be used beyond pregnancy. I regret not using it earlier as it’s suppose to also help to support morning sickness! The powder contains a blend of 3 bioavailable magnesiums and digestive enzymes. Bioavailability means how well the good nutrients can be absorbed and digested in your body. It has a blueberry flavor and like all of Majka’s products, it is safe to use during breastfeeding.

Overall, I am enjoying Majka’s D&D Magnesium Powder and I do plan on using it as part of my daily nutrition. Visit to learn more about Majka and to order! They have something for all stages of motherhood!

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