Bambo Nature Diapers Review

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I feel like I’m the only one still struggling to potty train my 2 year old. Surely, I’m not alone, but it really does feel like I am. I think many parents have their toddler potty trained by 18 months, and here I am still struggling. So, Nathan is still wearing diapers, but once he hits 3 years old, we’re really down to the nitty gritty.
The only other eco-friendly diapers we have used are from Honest Co, but we’ve been using Huggies Diapers for 2 years now. So, when Nathan received Bambo Nature diapers to test out, I was quite excited! (Funny how small things like new diapers get moms excited)
What I was most excited about was what the company claims the diapers to be. Bambo Nature claims that their diapers contains:
  • No latex or chlorine
  • No phthalates & PVC
  • No heavy metals & chlorine
  • No carcinogens or formaldehydes
  • No lotions/moisturizers
  • No chemical odor inhibitors
And much more.. Compared to other leading eco-friendly disposable diapers, Bambo Nature has earned the Nordic Swan ecolabel, which is one of the strictest accreditation in the world. Also, it’s the only “green” diaper that has a wetness indicator, according to Baby Gear Lab.

from Bambo Nature

So is Bambo Nature M.O.M. Approved? YES! Do I recommend it? YES!

Here’s why:
  • It’s super absorbent. Out of the entire week and a half, we only had ONE leak. That was my fault, I forgot to change him before we went on a long car-ride. 
  • No BLOWOUTS! None! Which is fantastic!
  • Nathan never complained or tried tugging off the diaper. Which he tends to do with other leading non-eco-friendly diaper brands. 
  • Nathan was able to move around freely without the diaper irritating his skin. He tends to sweat a lot when he’s active.
  • Contains less SAP (the gel-like substance in diapers) than other leading green diapers.
  • Simple and cute design and relatively thin, but still very soft. 
  • Great quality. Unlike other brands, Bambo doesn’t make Nathan feel as if he’s wearing just a rough paper towel. 
  • 80% biodegradable 
  • Breathable and kept skin dry
The only downside of Bambo Nature diapers are:
  • A little expensive, but you’re paying for quality
  • Not easy to find at major retail stores
The pros definitely outweigh the cons. I highly recommend them to friends and family. I am definitely purchasing more. If you’re a cloth diapering mama, this is a great alternative when you want to use disposable diapers part-time, or when you’re traveling. 
You can purchase Bambo Nature diapers from there website, HERE. Don’t forget to follow them on social media, too!
Have you ever tried Bambo Nature diapers? If so, what do you think of them? 

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9 thoughts on “Bambo Nature Diapers Review

  1. Heather Sander says:

    I always struggled with buying diapers. My oldest was allergic to something in the major brands and we had to buy off brands which are definitely NOT quality. I ended up cloth diapering for awhile because of it. I would've loved to try something like this when my babies were in diapers.


  2. Gina Young says:

    Good quality diapers really is so important. I know that some of the name-brand diapers actually use so much dye to put those “fun” pictures on them, that the dye would rub off onto my kids' legs… as a mother, I definitely want something that is not going to be potentially harmful to my baby– even if it costs a bit more!


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