Wait…I’m pregnant?!

I knew last week I was 2 weeks late for my period. Boobs were aching, I was so nauseous, and everything just smelled so foul. I couldn’t take it anymore at work, so I went to the pharmacy (luckily I work at a hospital) and just but a test. During my lunch break, I told myself, “let’s just get over this…I need to know now”. I was prepared to find a negative test, but to my surprise……..

Image uploaded from iOS

I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! I really did not know what to think. I sure did not want to tell Robert over the phone, so I waited til after work. I told him the great news and he was overjoyed! I have been wanting to get pregnant for a while now so this is really exciting news. But for now…it’s still our little secret until we are in the clear 🙂

Today I am 6 weeks and the baby is a size of a pea. My first prenatal appointment is set in 2 weeks!

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